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How to Decorate Rustic Log Cabins

Seeing an old looking cabin surrounded by trees and flowering bushes is like seeing something out of a story book. We almost expect to smell pine trees, smell something delicious coming from the kitchen, see smoke coming out of the chimney, or some other typical scene. So how disappointed do we feel when we check the cabin out and see that it's really modern? Well, maybe you won't be devastated, but you will have to admit that rustic log cabins do look better when the interior is rustic too.

Everyone has their own decorating style. But if you want your classic looking cabin to look seamless in its decoration and design, you definitely need to add some rustic decorations to the place!


Choosing rustic looking furniture will go well with the feel of your cabin. Find an old rocking chair to put out on the porch and antique tables you can put around the house. You can buy a distressed table with either matching chairs or mismatched chairs for the dining room, as well as a log table with matching benches for the deck or patio.

For the bedrooms, choose simple wooden beds with simple bed side tables. Some like using log beds, but this can be a bit overkill, depending on the rest of your furniture. Having a shaggy rug on the floor can also look good.


The little items around your home will add to its charm. Go for wooden or ceramic lamps by the bed side tables, and wrought iron light fixtures for the walls, ceilings, and bathrooms.

Accent Pieces

In many homes, it's the little accent pieces that tie everything in. Put up a wind chime on the front porch. This is always a  nice touch. You can also paint your door a different color, giving it a distressed look.

Inside the home, put up light colored, billowy curtains which frame the wooden windows, and hang tribal rugs on the walls, which will make your home look warm and cozy. Add to the cozy effect by putting a sitting area around the stone fireplace and putting blankets on a stool next to the couch.

Just because you decorate your cabin to suit its rustic feel doesn't mean you have to give up any modern luxuries. There are plenty of ways you can hide or camouflage appliances and other things found in a modern home. Also, some companies specialize in creating unique bathroom and kitchen fixtures for rustic log cabins, which look old world, but work just the way you need it to!



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