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Top 4 Log Cabin Manufacturers

Being a part of the American culture, there are dozens of log cabin manufacturers across America. These range from companies which manufacture the entire home, either building it on site or building it and shipping, to companies who manufacture the do-it-yourself log home kits, which involves shipping the wood, tools, and other equipment to your building site. With so many options to choose from, it can be quite confusing to decide on which manufacturer to go with. If you want the best of the best, consider the manufacturers listed below.

  1. BK Cypress Log Homes

This family owned and operated log home company has been in the industry since 1930, making it one of the oldest manufacturers for log homes in America, and the oldest cabin manufacturer that specializes in tidewater red cypress. The company also specializes in customizing log homes to a person's budget! Their log homes are quite beautiful and worth every penny. Even the most basic kit includes Andersen windows!

  1. Expedition Log Homes

If you want a rustic home, this is where you go. Expedition Log Homes hand-crafts the logs they use for each of their home. Following the natural contour of the tree, after the drying process, each log his hand-crafted with a draw knife. No other log company can say they do this for each and every log in their home. This gives Expedition homes a real rustic feel. Apart from all the old world appeal, each home is combined with an energy efficient hybrid system, adding a modern touch.

  1. Southland Log Homes

America's #1 log home! Often chosen over other manufacturers, Southland has been creating loh homes since 1978. Their cabins are beautiful and durable, everything you want in a log home! Like other major companies, they customize log home designs to their client's liking so you're sure to have the log home of your dreams!

  1. Ward Log Homes

The very first manufacturer in America, Ward has been making log homes since 1923. Company founder, Bruce Ward was the pioneer of log home construction, and the inventor if the interlocking milling technique or the tongue-and-groove-method. Using northern white cedar, they company is known to  be able to create any type of log home, from small and quaint to absolutely luxurious.

Based on reputation and craftsmanship, the companies mentioned are our picks for the top log cabin manufacturers in the United States. Many of these companies have sales representatives across the U.S. and they will also deliver or build your log home wherever the location. If the total cost is not withing your budget, don't worry. There is at least one log cabin manufacturer in each state. Just call the one closest to your building site!



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Top 4 Log Cabin Manufacturers

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